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Center for Algorithms, Data, and Market Design at Yale (CADMY)

An innovation research center working at the intersection of computer science, economics, and data science.

87 Trumbull

With the arrival of the Internet, including rapid increases in the capacity to transmit, communicate and process data and information, algorithms and data have become central objects of interest in computer science, data science, and economics. Data and digital information have become essential for the allocation and distribution of services and commodities worldwide, which includes the design of markets and resource allocation mechanisms.

From traffic navigation apps to social networks, algorithms and data have become essential. Even with the arrival of large language models that build algorithms on massive data sets, these developments in artificial intelligence have only recently accelerated. The question of how to collect, aggregate, and disseminate data among diverse individuals in a decentralized society is critical for the functioning of democracy, as well as fair and efficient markets.

CADMY’s goal is to initiate and support research and teaching around the fundamental questions that arise at the intersection of computer science, data science, economics, and computational social sciences. CADMY aims to support Yale faculty and students with their research in relevant areas and will serve as a platform to host visiting faculty and postdoctoral fellows, promoting ongoing academic engagement and advancement.

ACM Conference on Economics and Computation

The EC'24 will take place at Yale School of Management in New Haven between July 08-11, 2024.

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A Word from our Director

Dirk Bergemann

“CADMY will unite around these research challenges and provide support for the development of new research initiatives.”
- Dirk Bergemann, Director

Many emergent and foundational problems of modern information society arise at the boundaries of academic disciplines. How will algorithms work in the real world when data is noisy and incomplete? How can we guarantee fairness and privacy in the use of personal data? What are the feedback loops between humans and algorithms?

The Center for Data, Algorithms, and Market Design at Yale will unite around these research challenges and provide support for the development of new research initiatives. CADMY’s researchers are dedicated to addressing theoretical challenges spanning a diverse range of issues.

Our objective is to develop new analytical and mathematical foundations while exploring societal applications across a wide array of themes. Research topics we aim to tackle include deciphering the impact of social networks and automated information flow on both individual and collective decision-making, regulation and anti-trust within the digital realm, developing techniques for maintaining privacy, and avoiding biases in algorithmic decision processes. These themes are critical to address as a society and require a deep understanding of algorithmic and statistical fundamentals.

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